Thomas Mangelsen

Devoted to a lifetime of documenting the natural world, Thomas D. Mangelsen is one of the world’s premier nature photographers.

Driven by expressing the beauty and intricacy of the wilderness, Tom spends up to nine months a year in the field documenting the wild lands and creatures he so cares about. With a background in wildlife biology, he works both in cinematography and in still photography, mediums that he believes will touch people on an emotional level and move them to love and protect these fragile places and animals.

All of Tom’s limited edition prints have been captured in the wild, not in captive situations or “game farms” and they are presented in their true form without computer manipulation.

Tom received an Honorary Fellowship by The Royal Photographic Society in 2002, the North American Nature Photographer Association's (NANPA) Outstanding Nature Photographer of the Year 2000 award, as well as chosen BBC’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 1994. His work has also been published in leading magazines such as Audubon, National Geographic, Life and Wildlife Art. He has been featured on television programs from The Today Show and Good Morning America to CNN’s World News.

His images have been exhibited in museums across the United States, Canada, and Europe, and are available in fifteen Images of Nature® galleries across the United States.

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